Hybrid Digital Asset to Empower Global Transactions.

Nagaya (NGY) is more than a digital asset,
we aim to be a reliable and secure payment option, preferred by all. 

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More Stable
Without Having To Be A Stablecoin

Nagaya (NGY) is a hybrid crypto-asset backed by gold and actual business projects. With a system that allows its gold reserve to grow and expand, while rising the quantity as well as the quality of projects to be funded by Nagaya (NGY), this further builds its value and trust.

With this unique composition of the gold reserve, actual projects, and transparency, Nagaya (NGY) exhibits an increased degree of stability as compared to other cryptocurrencies. Concurrently, this maintains the potential of value appreciation in the long run, giving confidence for people to hold Nagaya (NGY) for long-term.

How is Nagaya Different?

Nagaya (NGY), with its contemporary concept encompassing the following distinctive characteristics, is created to stand out from the rest.


By pegging a portion of each Nagaya (NGY) to 999.9 LBMA gold as well as benefits from actual business projects, it adds on and maintains its value.


A higher degree of stability in value means Nagaya (NGY) is more than a crypto-asset to facilitate trading, lending, or borrowing. It is a means of payment, preferred by all globally.


With our never-ending commitment to be transparent and highly functional, Nagaya (NGY) will be a secure and valuable crypto-asset worthy to be held long-term.


In Nagaya, we treat our community just like our big family. We believe in establishing long-standing connections and are always looking to expand our community!

Welcome to The Future

NAGAYA is the digital currency for a digitalized shopping mall.

In South Korea’s new capital, Sejong Autonomous City, the construction of an exemplary digitalized shopping mall – P4 Lala Square has been in progress. It is currently the world’s longest retail complex – running a distance of 1.4 km end-to-end.


NAGAYA is honored to be the chosen official digital currency of the upcoming P4 Lala Square, a one-stop shopping mall completed with an indoor ‘Larva’ Theme Park.

라라스퀘어 조감도.jpg

Here is a glimpse of the breakthroughs and developments that are planned to achieve the ultimate vision of creating a crypto-asset that is capable of being a seamless and reliable global payment method preferred by all.


Our journey began with the launch of the world’s first Hybrid Crypto-asset called Nagaya in 2018 and two years later, we not only achieved the sales of 1 million Nagaya but in early 2021 also saw our first subsidiary project run, to which profits from this project have been distributed as benefits to our holders shortly after. We anticipate that Nagaya's PCO will reach its target of the completed Soft Cap of 11.25 million Nagaya (NGY) sold by 2022.


Staying true to our vision for the future, we continue to explore more utility functions towards our coin so that it could fulfil its desired purpose fully. In 2023, we will witness the first breakthrough as Nagaya will become an official payment method in the smart mall at Sejong City, the new capital city of South Korea. This will then pave the way towards 2024 when our global peer-to-peer lending platform will be launched.


The progress will not only stop there, as we continue to seek solutions and utility functions that will help maximize the revolutionary potential of our hybrid crypto-asset so it can deliver more innovations and value to all of you, our holders.

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