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P4 Lala Square is one of the five inter-linked retail, commercial and recreational facilities that make up Urban Atrium, which is part of this new capital’s ongoing development projects. Upon its completion, Urban Atrium will become the largest commercial multi-complex in South Korea.

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"We are looking for a coin with high stability (in terms of its value) that can be used in shopping malls, and we are further reviewing them. We find Nagaya coin attractive. We hope that our shopping mall will be an exemplary case that can be used most successfully by actively introducing Nagaya Coin to the extent permitted by law in Korea."

(Park Dae Ung, Vice President of SESUNG Company)

Conceptualized as a smart shopping mall, Nagaya (NGY) is appointed to be the official digital currency of P4 Lala Square. Notably a first in the world of cryptocurrency, Nagaya (NGY) is recognized for its value stability as a utility coin even while at the PCO stage.

With the shared objective of introducing a convenient, seamless, cashless retail experience to users, we can expect unlimited synergies in the collaboration of Sesung Co. Ltd. (the developer of P4 Lala Square) and NAGAYA Technologies Pte Ltd.

Apart from the brick-and-mortar NAGAYA Service Centre, digital kiosks offering currency exchange services will be introduced throughout the mall too.

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The signing of MoU agreement in March 2020 between Mr Ryu (right), CEO of Sesung Co. Ltd. and Mr Tjandra (left), CEO of Nagaya Technologies Pte Ltd.

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