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Yorath Yohannes Tjandra

Chief Executive Officer

"It is essential for a Cryptocurrency to create TRUST and VALUE through Legality and Transparency."

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Yuli Yolanda

Chief Operations Officer

"We prioritise building THE VALUE of Nagaya (NGY) and so we are always on the lookout to fund new prospective real projects yearly."

Jung Heechul

Chief Marketing Officer

"Everybody can accept profits, but not many can accept losses. So before buying any asset, a question you need to ask:

What's their Risk-Management Strategy?"

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Marble Surface

N.B Gianchandani

Chief of Digital Media

"Analyse the company's Business Plan before you invest. If they offer you something that is too good to be true, it most certainly is."

Koh HuiHui

Chief Communications Officer 

"90% of people lose money in Crypto because they are not a trader. So make sure to choose your Cryptocurrency wisely, 

one that will last a Long Time."


Mohd. Nizam Ismail

  • CEO and Founder of Ethikom Consultancy.

  • Founding Chairman of the Regulatory and Compliance Sub-Committee of the Blockchain Association of Singapore.

  • Former Deputy Director and Head of the Market Conduct Policy Division, Monetary Authority of Singapore.

  • 27 years of experience in the finance sector specialising in regulatory compliance.

  • NUS Law School Graduate.